NQT tips

Top Tips for NQTs working on Supply

Working as a Supply teacher whether it is in a long-term position or a short term post is a fantastic opportunity for NQT’s to decide their career path. When you graduate as a teacher, you will not be expected to know exactly what you want to do. In Education there are a number of opportunities and a variety of schools, which all are different.  It is imperative that when you go to secure your first permanent post that it is the right one for you.

Top Tips

  • Ensure that you have a thorough C.V; the C.V needs to incorporate all of your relevant teaching placements and experience and what your role was in those placements. This enables a prospective employer to gauge your knowledge and skills.
  • When filling out application forms ensure you spend time on each form, you read the criteria needed and you do not copy and paste on all applications. I understand you will be applying for a number of positions; however it is noticeable when this happens. Remember your application is your first communication with a prospective employer. Check spelling mistakes and grammar. If you fill out a form incorrectly you will sometimes find you will not be shortlisted.
  • When applying for positions, don’t rush into it, step back look at the school and ensure it is a post you will want. If you make the wrong decision it could be detrimental to your career. Do not rush into the decision.
  • At interview ensure that you always use examples, this will show that you are able to do the role rather than just understand the theory.
  • Supply is a great way for newly qualified teachers to network, take time and step back and understand their skills and where/what they want to teach.
  • If you work as a supply teacher ensure that you always take opportunities to observe other teachers.
  • Get involved in the School’s Social side including organising after school clubs and lunch time clubs
  • Ensure that you try different age groups and abilities, this will make you a good strong rounded teacher especially within Primary Schools
  • Offer to undertake any additional CPD courses.
  • If you offer to do day to day supply this is a great way to develop your behaviour management strategies. You need to ensure that you create a variety of strategies, and also follow the school’s behavioural policy.
  • Ensure that you are always organised and have a bag of tricks for all year groups that are relevant and engaging.
  • Always be positive, willing to go that extra mile, smile and work as part of the whole school team.
  • Always share ideas and resources.
  • Build a good relationship with your TA.