Working in Cornwall

  • Cornwall is classed as ‘’The Med’’ of the British Isles.
  • It has breath-taking surroundings from rugged coastlines, golden beaches, fishing harbours small and quaint and an array of historic attractions.
  • Cornwall is a Celtic part of the land – proud – and the Cornish themselves in their heritage. ‘’Kernow ‘’ as it is known in the historic Cornish Language.
  • Cornwall is famous for its fresh fish, Cream teas, saffron cakes and the unforgettable Cornish Pasty. It is also renowned for its Tin mines.
  • Cornwall has a history of myths and legends and a great culture to get involved in.
  • In Cornwall you will become familiar with the relaxed way of life, and obtain a good work life balance.
  • Cornwall has a variety of schools from little rural schools to larger inner city schools; they have Academies, Private Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • In total there are 272 Schools across Cornwall, all striving to achieve the same goal. To raise educational standards.
  • These schools are providing an array of opportunities across the whole of education. Schools in Cornwall are forward thinking. There are 3 SCITT programmes being led in Cornwall, training teachers to become outstanding in their professions.
  • Cornwall is a wonderful place to live and work, and provides opportunities to all.